Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas Movie 2

NRAction89 min

On their way through the Maze Pass to the mines where a great artifact has been discovered, Yuri and Aram get separated from the rest in the blizzard. Aram acquires a cute little mascot, while the black infection starts to ply Yuri's mind with doubts about his mission and purpose. Meanwhile Juliana has finally decided to take on the full position and responsibilities of succeeding her father to become the Holy Queen, and her entreaty to Shuza, leader of the ogres, to join in a new Black King Suppression Army has an unexpected effect. A planned trip to Spirit Island could provide a valuable clue for where to find Pirika, a journey which must be completed even after calamity strikes. As allies start to fall into despair, Aram begins to shine brighter as the young man who could potentially turn this hopeless situation around. Movie 2 (TV episodes 5-8)

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